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Give Mrs. Ryan a Contract!

For three years Jennifer Ryan has worked as 6th grade teacher for Huntley Project Elementary, and has done a great job. She is very fun, does amazing things such as bringing chinese food, parties, ice cream floats, games, etc. while maintaining discipline and order in her classroom. She also implements technology into her classroom, using a class blog to communicate and do assignments as well as extra credit. For proof, go to www.j2mpm3n.blogspot.com. For quite a while, she has worked to get her masters, which the school has helped pay for. Why pay to get her masters, then lose her contract? It's absolutely no use to put money into a teacher, just so some other school can take advantage of it. It is our job at Huntley Project to try and be the best we can. To me, its just dumb. So please, please sign this petition in hopes the schoolboard will give her a contract. Thanks.

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